Contest Winners



What is the weight of the pumpkin? Winner!

And this month's lucky winner is Emily P! She guessed the closest weight to the actual weight of the pumpkin. We hope she has fun with her prize. Congratulations from Dr P and team! 



"Who knows whose nose"? Winners!

We are so happy that this month there were 3 patients who could identify the nose impressions to the person! The ones with the correct guesses include....

1. Emma R                    

2. Linnea S 

3. Carlos M-A 

Be sure to ask about our contests so next time, your name will appear here, and a prize in your hand! 

Emma R



"Who knows whose nose"? Contest is on!

 Everyone at Cape Cod Braces knows you...but do you know them? This contest is to guess which nose belongs to who! The staff and doctor took impressions of their nose, and made molds - to enter, you must identify the model nose to the correct person. Good luck!





Mother's Day Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Wesley's mother Kari M! While at his appointment he entered her into our May's Mother Day Contest and she won a box full of goodies, including a trip to theSpa!! Cape Cod Braces values the support parents provide during their child's treatment and it is our small way of saying thanks. Be sure to say thanks to whoever is supporting your journey to a healthy smile! 




St Patrick's Day Winners!

Congratulations to Kayla H and Sam P . The Lucky Leprechaun's luck shone on them for our monthly contest. Next time luck may be on your side!

Be sure to enter our Monthly Contest to win fantastic  and cool prizes! 



M is for May and Mothers!

For our May contest we Celebrating Mother's Day! Just drop her name in the goldfish bowl next time you are in the clinic and she may win a beautiful basket full of motherly goddies! Happy Mother's Day to all!



Congratulations to Paulo F! Winner of Gift Certificates! He guessed the closest number of Jelly Beans in the Jar. The actual ccount was sure to enter our Cool Contests when you are in the clinic next. Ask reception for details.




Congratulations to Jaquan P! Winner of an XBOX! Lucky guy, maybe you will see your picture on this page sure to enter our Cool Contests when you are in the clinic. Ask reception for details.



 Congratulations to Allyson T and Scott H!  Allyson guessed there were 906 Candy Corn in a jar that contained 915...and Scott guessed the clinic's pumpkin weighed 20lbs only a half a pound under its real weight of 20.5!






Congratulations! A brand new XBox 360 goes to Adam A!

Don't you miss your opportunity to win all sorts of cool prizes through the Cool Contest series. Different Contests, Different Prizes EVERY month.




While we wait a little longer to announce our Father's Day Contest Winner, keep in mind it is NOT too late to enter our July Contest. Send us a picture, or post it on our Facebook page of you and your toothbrush "on the road". We look forward to seeing all the creative places you have had to brush your teeth!




May Mother's Day Winner

A mother's heart is a patchwork of love ~ Author Unknown

The office of Dr Pautienis would like to acknowledge the commitment mother's give to their children's orthodontic treatment. Mother's day does not go unnoticed by us and a way of saying thanks we made a basket full of treats for her.

This month's contest winner of the Mother's Day Basket is...

Lori, Emily M's mother - congrats!     


Our Cool Contest Winner!

Always be sure to look out for our COOL contests. They are a great way to pick up some unexpected goodies. Below is the most recent winner and her prizes! Happy days!





 Congratulations Michaela D!





Our March Contest Winner!



                                                                                    Congratulations to Brianna C!

Perhaps that pot of gold will hlep you get those things you have been saving toward.





Our March Contest ≈ St Patrick's Day








Be sure to enter this contest the next time you are in the Hyannis office! Until then keep following your rainbows!




Our February Contest ~ Valentine's Day

Stop by our office in Hyannis and see what you need to do to enter the contest!  This contest has a surprise prize!  See you at one of our offices soon!


February 2012 Contest Winner is Kyra W! 



Dr P. and team hope these vouchers will help her and friends see a great new blockbuster.






Next month it could be you...see details on the website and be sure to ask about how to enter MONTHLY CONTESTS at your next visit.



Our Summer Contest winner is.......Olivia H!  Way to go!

Our office always has fun contests don't forget to ask us how to enter!



Congrats to our June winner Jake R!!

His lucky dad won a car wash on us! 

Make sure you enter our monthly contest on your next visit!


Congrats to our recent C.O.O.L contest winner!     

    Don't forget to ask our staff how you can win!

Congrats Julie T.  Great job!




Happy patients! Our recent office contest winners! 

Congrats Collen S. ~ March "Pot o' Gold" Winner!


Congrats Elaine S. ~ February "Broken Heart's Club" Winner!


Check out past contest winners! 

These lucky patients won XBox 360s and one won an iPod! At your next appointment, don't forget to ask Dr.P's staff how you can win! 

Congrats to Brian C.                Congrats to Hannah R.                     


Congrats to Parker M.                 Congrats to Sage I.











Guess how much money

is in the jar...

and WIN IT!





Congratulations to Allyson T and Scott H - joint winners in of the October Contest.

Allyson guessed there were 915 candy corn in a jar, the actual number was 906) ...only a 9 count difference! 

And Scott guessed the weight of the pumpkin to be 21 lbs, the actual weight was 21.5 lbs... only a half pound difference!

                           Wonderful "guesstimates"!!





ANOTHER WINNER                       !


Congratulations to Allyson T and Scott H!

Allyson guessed there were 906 Candy Corn in a jar, which actually contained 915.  Scott guessed the pumkin weighed 21 pounds where it really weighed 21.5.